Prayer Resources

Healing Prayer

Jesus Christ, you traveled through towns and villages “curing every disease and illness.” At your command, the sick were made well.
Come to our aid now, in the midst of the global spread of the coronavirus, that we may experience your healing love.
Heal those who are sick with the virus. May they regain their strength and health through quality medical care.
Heal us from our fear, which prevents nations from working together and neighbors from helping one another.
Heal us from our pride, which can make us claim invulnerability to a disease that knows no borders. Jesus Christ, healer of all, stay by our side in this time of uncertainty and sorrow.
Be with the doctors, nurses, researchers and all medical professionals who seek to heal and help those affected and who put themselves at risk in the process.

Prayer for Mothers

Lord, bless my Mother, today and every day. 
Bless her for bringing me into the world and for all she has ever done for me,
all her countless acts of love.
Bless her for all the good things
I have received through her caring.
Bless all those mothers who try to care for their families in difficult circumstances.

Bless all those mothers who have gone to their heavenly home. 

May they find joy and peace in the Family of God. Amen.
May they know your protection and peace. Whether we are home or abroad, surrounded by many people suffering from this illness or only a few, Jesus Christ, stay with us as we endure and mourn, persist and prepare.
In place of our anxiety, give us your peace.

Jesus Christ, heal us.

A Prayer for Healthcare Workers during COVID-19

Loving God,
we place into your care
all our doctors, nurses and healthcare workers.
Give them courage of heart
and strength of mind and body.
Keep them safe from harm.
May they know our deep gratitude
for all they are doing
to heal and help those affected by
the coronavirus.

God of all consolation
may they know your protection and peace.
Bless them in these challenging days
and bless their families.


A Timely Blessing

A blessing of healing hands for all our healthcare workers:  

Yours are the hands full of experience and skill.
Yours are the hands reaching out with compassion,
Taking time to show care, swiftly taking action.
Yours are the hands gently touching your patients.
You touch families, too.
Yours are the hands that show
you care.
You lift the hearts of those who
Your hands celebrate the joy of
Your hands bless all they touch
with the spirit of compassion, Thank you for sharing your
abundance and gifts,
For touching lives and lifting
Blessings and thanks for the

many works of your hand

Pope Francis’ Prayer to Mary during the coronavirus pandemic

O Mary,
you always shine on our path
as a sign of salvation and of hope.
We entrust ourselves to you, Health of the Sick,
who at the cross took part in Jesus’ pain, keeping your faith firm.
You, Salvation of the Roman People,
know what we need,
and we are sure you will provide
so that, as in Cana of Galilee,
we may return to joy and to feasting
after this time of trial.
Help us, Mother of Divine Love,
to conform to the will of the Father
and to do as we are told by Jesus,
who has taken upon himself our sufferings
and carried our sorrows
to lead us, through the cross,
to the joy of the resurrection. Amen.
Under your protection, we seek refuge, Holy Mother of God. 
Do not disdain the entreaties of we who are in trial, 
but deliver us from every danger, O glorious and blessed Virgin.