Fr Peter’s Message

Resuming mass

Within the next few weeks we hope to slowly and cautiously resume public worship in our church, knowing that it can only happen in a limited way.
We will still need patience, perseverance and self-sacrifice.  The prescriptions contained in the Bishop’s Framework Document, which I sent to you last Wednesday, will only be effective if we have the generous support of volunteers who will help to plan, implement and manage the transition back to full parish life and the celebration of the sacraments.
In this regard we appeal particularly to the younger members of our parish.  Their energy, creativity and enthusiasm are gifts that our parish needs now more than ever, since some of our older generation may be unable to offer their normal help in the current circumstances. If you or members of your families would be interested in helping out with the implementation of the reopening of St. Anne’s, please message me with the contact details. I will follow up with some kind of a plan.
Below is a copy of the the 1st part of the Framework Document.
Thanking you all in anticipation.
With every blessing. Fr. Peter


1. Establish a Covid-19 Support Team of parishioners to organise preparations and to oversee their implementation and verification. (the verification process may be assisted at Pastoral Area and/or Diocesan level)
2. Identify volunteers to assist with the implementation and verification.
3. Provide appropriate induction and training where necessary to priests, ministers, readers, employees and volunteers.
4. Secure an appropriate supply of signage, cleaning/sanitising materials and accessories and items necessary for protection.

Church Reopening Guidance

Diocesan Guidance on Reopening of Churches for Private Prayer

Walk Through for Private Prayer


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