UPDATE – PPC MEETING (25/09/2018)

Mary Devlin, Chairperson, welcomed us to the first PPC meeting after Summer. The opening/closing prayers and Scripture reflection were led by Sean Jordan. We looked at the roles of the members of the PPC and it was agreed that greater use should be made of the Parish Website to advise parishioners of what the PPC is doing.  We examined a document from the Living Church Office and are currently considering possible priorities for the parish.  Angelina Fusco reported on the latest Pastoral Community Meeting.  They are very enthusiastic and it is hoped that Officers will be appointed at their next meeting.  We are looking forward to the Ordination of Pat McNeill as Deacon and wish Pat, Mary and family our best wishes.  The PPC will be meeting in Dromantine for our annual retreat.  Please keep us in your prayers.