4 Corners Festival 2023


4 Corners Festival 2023  Dreams… Visions for Belfast  29th January – 5th February 2023

We’re getting ready to bring you a brand new festival.

In 2023 it will be 60 years since Rev Dr Martin Luther King’s astonishing I Have A Dream speech in Washington DC when he articulated a vision for a better, more just, America. 2023 will also see us in Northern Ireland celebrate 25 years since the referendum when 71% of us in the north endorsed the Good Friday Agreement and dreamed of a better future for us all.

4 Corners Festival 2023 will be an opportunity for us to listen to our dreams. From Church leaders, to women in leadership to young loyalists to the homeless to artists we will hear the dreams and visions for a better Belfast.

The 4 Corners Festival seeks to inspire people from across the city to transform it for the peace and wellbeing of all. It consists of innovative events designed to entice people out of their own ‘corners’ of the city and into new places where they will encounter new perspectives, new ideas, and new friends.

We celebrate our city through music, prayer, storytelling, discussion, and more.