Please hold in your prayers all the boys and girls who are celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation this week Tues 27th – Fri 30th April.

The ceremony will be streamed live on our YouTube Channel Tuesday , Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 11.30am

Tuesday: Ms Mullan’s Class

Wednesday: Mrs Watson’s Class

Thursday: Mrs O’Neill’s Class

Friday: Mrs Maynes’s Class


Holy Spirit, bless me with
Knowledge to know right from wrong;
Courage to stand up and be strong;
Understanding to follow God’s way;
Reverence to worship and pray;
Right judgement to enlighten and guide
me; Wisdom to want your presence
beside me; Wonder and Awe to fill me
with praise for God and God’s creation.

Poem – The Holy Spirit

As glass is soft and molten in the flame and
moulded by the craftsman’s loving hand; as
trees can blow and dance before the wind to
music piped from where the rushes stand; as
breath gives life and power to the arm to pull
the oar and raise the haycock high; the dove
of peace is shielding us from harm; he hovers
in the hearts of you and I. His fire can warm
and mould me tall and strong. His wind blows
through my prayer, praise and song. His Breath
fills me with life so I can be a sign of love and
peace for all to see.

                                                      Christy Kenneally