Extraordinary Mission Month [EMM] October 2019

Theme – “Baptised and Sent” – Hold the Dates!

This October through an Extraordinary Mission Month declared by Pope Francis, the Diocese invites us to embrace the vision of a Missionary Church by celebrating the contribution of our Diocese to the missions abroad. 

To mark EMM2019 we will be holding 3 major events in October – 

Friday 11 October 4.30pm – 7.30pm Missionary Young People and Children’s Day – Braid Parish to include climbing Slemish, Prayer Service and BBQ (bus leaving from QUB Chaplaincy at 3.00pm) 

Saturday 19 October 9.30am – 4.30pm A Conference and Celebration of D&C Missionaries Abroad and at Home in St Mary’s University College, Falls Rd, Belfast

Sunday 20 October – 3.00pm Mission Sunday Mass – Together We Are Mission – St Patrick’s Church, Chapel Hill, Lisburn.  

Throughout the coming year, we plan to acknowledge and celebrate the work of the many hundreds of Missionaries who left their homes and parishes to engage in Missionary endeavour around the world. If you have a relative or friend who is currently a Missionary abroad or during their lifetime has served as a Missionary, we would really appreciate if you would please give their details including Name, Religious Order, Dates etc.. to your Parish Office or email [missions@downandconnor.org] before 23rd September 2019.